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Grandpa Dracula.jpg
Grandpa Munster
Portrayed By Al Lewis, Howard Morton, Robert Morse, Sandy Baron, Eddie Izzard
Series The Munsters, The Munsters Today
Film(s) Munster, Go Home
The Munsters' Revenge
Here Come the Munsters
The Munsters' Scary Little Christmas
Gender Male
Status Undead
Race Vampire
Also Known As Count Dracula
Sam Dracula
Crackpot Mad Scientist Father
Cause of Death multiple deaths
Romances 167 wives over the last 400 years (all deceased),
Unnamed Wife (deceased),
Katja Dracula (Wife; in The Munsters Today)
Son(s) Lester Dracula
Daughter(s) Marilyn's Mother
Other Family Eddie Munster (Grandson)
Marilyn Munster (Granddaughter)
Herman Munster (son-in-law)
Uncle George
Cousin Ronald
Cousin Phantom of the Opera
Uncle Garrett
Aunt Mina
Lily's Mermaid Cousin
Lily's grandmother
Cousin Humphrey
Uncle Boris
Yorga (brother)

Count Vladimir "Sam" Dracula is a seemingly immortal vampire with extensive skills in magic and science, best known as "Grandpa" to his family. He was played by comedy actor Al Lewis.


Count Vladimir Dracula was born in 1367, in Transylvania, By his own admission, he has been married 167 times throughout his long lifetime but because of his undead status he tends to outlive each new woman he marries, but despite their deaths, he still visits their ghosts and/or undead corpses quite often and they are all still on good terms. His favorite wife though was his 13th wife, the late Grandma Dracula who he had several children with, notably Lily Munster, Lester Dracula and Marilyn's mother. He also had many other children apparently, as Lily claims that she had a "whole mausoleum" full of brothers and sisters to play with as a child, with these other countless children presumably being the result of Grandpa's many other marriages.

While loving all his kids, he thought little of his eldest son Lester, who he considers a "loser" and a "bum" due to his constant failures and poor financial choices.

He is very old and personally knew several historical figures like Napoleon and Jack the Ripper, but he possibly exaggerates his age since he claims he also knew Nero, King Arthur, and Richard the Lionheart who predate his lifespan. He has the ability to turn into a bat or wolf by using one of his pills that he invented although the effects of his spells are often unpredictable. He has his own laboratory converted from the cellar under the Munster Mansion

During the mid-to-late 1700s he was friends with Dr. Frankenstein it's implied that he helped him in the experiment that helped create Herman Munster

Herman Munster would later marry his daughter Lily Munster in 1865, After the marriage they moved to 1313 Mockingbird Lane and Count Dracula later moved there.


He is an expert inventor, although many of his inventions tend to malfunction or explode leading Herman to call him "a crackpot mad scientist". He has a love for attractive women and cigars.


  • Change into a bat by singing a certain note. ("The Munsters' Revenge" TV Movie)
  • Create fire from fingertips, especially lighting his cigars. (seen in various episides).
  • Magical abilities- he creates spells and potions in his lab


  • Despite having been married 167 times, Grandpa claims that he has not attended any of his own weddings since his 140th marriage in the episode "Love Comes to Mockingbird Heights". This possibly implies that he stopped having formal wedding ceremonies after his 140th marriage.
  • Although considered a vampire and a blood-drinker. Grandpa is very capable of moving around freely in the daytime, but he still sleeps in a coffin and shows an aversion to being staked.
  • Through the series, Grandpa makes numerous references the region of Transylvania, a historical district of the Austria-Hungarian Empire now occupied by modern-day Romania. While references to the area are due to the horror-association with the area, it is just as likely the Munster's constant mention of the name is based on nostalgia.

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