Cousin Phantom of The Opera
Portrayed By Bob Hastings
Film(s) The Munsters Revenge

The Munsters' Scary Little Christmas (mentioned)

Gender Male
Other Family Grandpa
Lily Munster
Marilyn Munster
Eddie Munster
Uncle Garrett
Aunt Mina
Unnamed Mermaid Cousin
Lester Dracula
Uncle George
Cousin Ronald
Uncle Boris
Cousin Humphrey
Lily's grandmother (deceased)

Cousin Phantom of the Opera (portrayed by actor Bob Hastings) was a supporting character in the telefilm The Munsters' Revenge. His character is based from Gaston Leroux's novel "The Phantom of The Opera" using Lon Chaney's persona look of the phantom based off the 1925 film. Unlike most portrayals of the character, this one was as goofy and silly as The Munsters were.


  • He is able to shatter most glass by singing notes very high pitched. In fact this happens several times during the movie "The Munsters' Revenge".