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Cousin Phantom of The Opera
Portrayed By Bob Hastings
Film(s) The Munsters Revenge

The Munsters' Scary Little Christmas (mentioned)

Gender Male
Other Family Grandpa
Lily Munster
Marilyn Munster
Eddie Munster
Uncle Garrett
Aunt Mina
Unnamed Mermaid Cousin
Lester Dracula
Uncle George
Cousin Ronald
Uncle Boris
Cousin Humphrey
Lily's grandmother (deceased)

Cousin Phantom of the Opera is a Transylvanian entertainer, opera singer and member of the Munster Family. Unseen in the original "Munsters" TV-Series, he was a supporting character in the telefilm The Munsters' Revenge, played by actor, Bob Hastings, who once added his voice to The Raven.


Not much is known about Cousin Phantom. His real name, if he has one, has not been revealed as the moniker "Phantom of the Opera," seems to be his stage name. He was possibly the actual figure behind Gaston Leroux's novel "The Phantom of The Opera." His exact relationship to Grandpa and Lily is uncertain. It is unclear if he is Grandpa's cousin or Lily's cousin.

Cousin Phantom arrives to stay with the family during the 1981 Halloween season, often sharing the power of his voice by singing and usually shattering glass around him. While it is often a nuisance, he stays friendly, positive an unbeat. His talent comes in very useful in rescuing Marilyn Munster and Glen Boyle from Dr. Diablo's Wax Museum even though it possibly overstains his voice and ability to talk.


  • The Phantom has extraordinary vocal abilities; he is able to shatter most glass by singing notes very high pitched.


  • The Phantom was possibly going to be an added character to a new series had "The Munsters' Revenge" was strong enough to bring back the series.
  • The Phantom's look was established using Lon Chaney Sr.'s personal look of the phantom based off the 1925 film. Unlike most portrayals of the character, this version was made as goofy and silly as the Munster's caricatures.