Dr. Dudley
Dr. Dudley
Portrayed By Paul Lynde
Dom DeLuise
Series The Munsters
Gender Male
Son(s) Elmer Dudley
Dr. Dudley is a reccuring character on the TV show The Munsters. He was portrayed by both Paul Lynde and Dom DeLuise.


Dr. Dudley is the family doctor of The Munster family. He is clumsy without his glasses and can't see very well. This is much like Velma from Scooby Doo. He appeared in 4 episodes, in the first season of The Munsters he is portrayed by Paul Lynde in three episodes and in the The Munsters Season Two, he is portrayed by Dom DeLuise in one episode.

Season One Appearances (Paul Lynde - 4 total appearances)Edit

Season Two Appearances (Dom DeLuise)Edit