Dr. Frankenstein's great-grandson tending to Johann.

Dr. Victor Frankenstein was a German doctor, surgeon and scientist responsible for the creation of Johann, Herman Munster, Charlie Munster and Herman's sister. His reputation for creating the monster has basically created the iconography of the classic "mad scientist" stereotype. Although never seen in person, he was mentioned quite often in conversations involving Herman by the members of the family.

 Bio[edit | edit source]

Dr. Frankenstein was born in the 18th century where he originally created Herman and his "siblings" in Germany sometime in the mid-to-late 1700s with the aid of his assistant, who either was or was related to Igor, one of Count Dracula's relatives. For reasons unknown (presumably due to angry and superstitious villagers), Herman and his siblings parted ways with their creator's family, and Herman and his "brother" Charlie eventually became adopted by Lord Cavanaugh Munster, a nobleman of the House of Munster near Shroudshire, England, who raised them as if they were his own sons. Through Cavanaugh, Frankenstein was able to keep in touch with Herman and even attended Herman's wedding a few years later where he gave him away to Lily Dracula. Dr. Frankenstein was also the one who gifted Lily Munster with Herman's original blueprints as a wedding present. Parts of Frankenstein's story later became the inspiration of the novel, "Frankenstein, A Modern Prometheus," by Mary Shelley.

Dr. Frankenstein has some sort of friendship with Lily's father Count Dracula, with his assistant Igor even being a cousin of the Count's, and some episodes, movies and continuities imply that Grandpa either helped Frankenstein with Herman's creation or was only aware of the experiment. Dr. Frankenstein would later die in the early 19th century, however his legacy would continue through his Mary Shelley's story and through his great-grandson Dr. Frankenstein IV who continued his great-grandfather's work and even reconnected with Herman after rediscovering his great-grandfather's lost "son" Johann.

Theoretical Family Tree[edit | edit source]

Frankenstein Family Tree.png

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Dr. Frankenstein has yet to be seen in The Munsters. He has been famously played by Colin Clive, Peter Kushing, Kenneth Branagh and James McAvoy among other actors.
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