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Here Come the Munsters
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Here Come The Munsters was a made for TV movie based on the original TV show: The Munsters. It featured cameos of almost all the original cast members including Al Lewis, Yvonne De Carlo, Pat Priest and Butch Patrick but for Fred Gwynne, who had passed away in 1991 due to pancreatic cancer.


The Munster family is tired of being persecuted back in Transylvania, and on finding part of a letter from cousin Marilyn in California, decides to head to the United States. On arrival they find that Marilyn's father, Norman Hyde, is missing, and her mother (Herman's sister) Elsa Hyde is in a coma. Marilyn details this in the letter but Spot burned the mail (and the letter carrier) so this comes as a surprise to the Munsters.

The family must find out what has happened to Marilyn's father, and find a way to revive Elsa. They also have to try to live in new surroundings as they try to "fit in" in America.

It turns out that Norman was trying to find a way to make his "peaches and cream" daughter, Marilyn, look a little more like the rest of the clan, but somehow the experiment backfired and Norman Hyde became Brent Jekyll (this is a take on The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson).

Brent Jekyll is running for Congress and as part of his campaign is trying to get foreigners out of America (this includes the Munsters). There is a more sinister part of the story as it seems that Hyde was sabotaged and transformed into Jekyll purposely, to bring forward a politician without a past who people would listen to.

As the story unfolds, the family tries to save the day. With Herman arrested and placed in jail, Grandpa creates a replica of him from spare parts and uses it to help him escape. They flee from the scene in the Munster Koach.

Grandpa takes a blood sample from Brent Jekyll and puts together a formula to change him back into Norman Hyde and the politician without a past is arrested. Norman Hyde also revives Elsa.


While the film serves as an origin story for The Munsters, it deviates from the original 1960s show in several areas, which results in making it more of a reboot or alternate history to the original series. Many of the continuity errors and ret-cons are as follows:

  • The Munsters are shown to have moved to the USA when Eddie was still a child, however, in the original series, the Munsters moved to the USA twelve years before 1965, four years before Eddie was born and Herman having even served in the US Army during the 50s and fought in the Korean War.
  • The film takes place in the modern age that was the 90s rather than the 60s.
  • The Raven is shown to be entirely mechanical and lifeless instead of a real bird living in a clock.
  • Eddie is shown to eat dog food and eat from a doggy bowl despite that in the original show he ate normally like the rest of the family.
  • The Munsters are shown owning The Munster Koach shortly after moving in and Herman getting a job at Goodbury & Graves Funeral Home. In the original series, Herman didn't own the Munster Koach until twelve years after moving to America when it was given to him by Lily as a birthday present.
  • In The Munsters' Revenge, Grandpa and the Munsters left their home in Transylvania under the care of Cousin Igor before moving to America, but in the film, there is no mention of Cousin Igor, and the Munsters simply abandon their castle.
  • Marilyn's parents receive the most notable ret-con with her mother being depicted as Herman's sister while that the original series, it was regularly pointed out that her mother was Lily's sister and one of Grandpa's other kids. In the film, both her parents are shown to be Herman's relatives and still be alive. They were both deceased in the original series.




  • Troy Evans as Detective Warshowski
  • Joel Brooks as Larry Walker
  • Sean O'Bryan as Detective Cartwell
  • Mary Woronov as Mrs. Edna Dimwitty
  • Amanda Bearse as Mrs. Pearl
  • Irwin Keyes as One-eyed man
  • Jim Fisher as Villager
  • Scotch Ellis Loring as Flight Attendant
  • Brian George as Immigration Official
  • Robertson Dean as Angry Dog Owner
  • Jim Staahl as Quaranteen Official
  • Keone Young as Ralph, the limo driver
  • Kellen Hathaway as Trick-or-Treater
  • Bill Prady as Paramedic
  • T.J. McInturff as Stanley
  • Francesca Smith as Monique
  • Jane Carr as Cassie O'Leary
  • James Keane as Maitre d'
  • James Basile as Waiter
  • Lynne Marie Stewart as Mrs. Waffer
  • Judy Kain as Mrs. Hersby
  • Tommy Bertelsen as Ted Walker
  • Ralph P. Martin as Sergeant
  • Jim Jackman as Front Desk Officer
  • Christina Venuti as Woman at Fundraiser
  • Aaron Paris as Transformed Band Leader


  • If one takes a close look at the odometer on the Munster mobile, it is revealed it reads 17 miles, which suggests they used the original coffin racer from the series.