Marilyn Munster
09 marilyn
Portrayed By Beverley Owen, Pat Priest, Debbie Watson, Jo McDonnell, Hilary Van Dyke, Christine Taylor, Elaine Hendrix, Charity Wakefield
Series The Munsters, The Munsters Today, Mockingbird Lane
Film(s) Munster, Go Home!
The Munsters' Revenge
Here Come the Munsters
The Munsters' Scary Little Christmas
Gender Female
Status Single
Race Human (possibly)
Mother Lily's Sister
Elsa Hyde (in Here Come the Munsters)
Father Unknown
Other Family Herman Munster (uncle)
Eddie Munster (cousin)
Grandpa (grandfather)
Grandma (grandmother, deceased)
Katja Dracula (grandmother) (in The Munsters Today)
Lester Dracula (uncle)
Cousin Phantom of the Opera
Uncle Garrett
Aunt Mina
Uncle George
Cousin Ronald
Uncle Boris
Cousin Humphrey
Lily's Unnamed Grandmother (deceased)
Medusa (great-great grandmother)
Lily's Unnamed Mermaid Cousin
Marilyn Munster is the niece of Lily Munster and Herman Munster, is the cousin of Eddie Munster and the granddaughter of Grandpa. She was portrayed by Beverley Owen and Pat Priest (The Munsters) and Debbie Watson (Munster, Go Home!. Later versions include Jo McDonnell (The Munsters' Revenge), Mary Ellen Dunbar, Hilary Van Dyke (The Munsters Today), Christine Taylor (Here Come the Munsters), Elaine Hendrix (The Munsters' Scary Little Christmas and Charity Wakefield (1313 Mockingbird Lane).



Marilyn Munster is the niece of Lily Munster and Herman Munster and the granddaughter of Grandpa. She is also the cousin of Eddie Munster, Herman and Lily's son.
Not much is known about Marilyn's life. She was taken in by her aunt and uncle after her parents died in a chemistry explosion, and later took their name. It is known her mother is Lily's sister; however, in one iteration, she is the daughter of Herman's sister who had married Dr. Jekyll.
Marilyn is a very kind person, and she looks after both her cousin, Eddie and the family pet, Spot. She is very attractive (although homely by Munsters standards), and dates often, but very few of her dates ever enter the family home. She attends Westbury College, once nearly losing her scholarship. She is very close to her Aunt Lily, the two of them frequently observing her uncle and grandpa getting into shenanigans.


Cameos Edit

  • A Walk on the Mild Side
  • Grandpa Leaves Home
  • Herman, Coach of the Year
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