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Mr. Gateman is a character from The Munsters TV-Series. He was played by famed character actor John Carradine.


Mr. Gateman is a mortician and partner of Gateman,Goodbury,And Graves Funeral Home where Herman Munster works. He is a shrewd businessman and strict employer. Herman enjoys working for him, rarely saying anything bad about him, but he once goes as far as calling him "Da-Da" Gateman to get his approval. Gateman loves a good dinner and enjoys good musical, once coming by the Munster Mansion to hear Eddie Munster play for him.


  • Despite being referred to several times in the series, Gateman only appears in person in two episodes.
  • Carradine also played the manservant Cruikshanks in Munster, Go Home!.


  • The Musician
  • Herman's Raise