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Munster, Go Home
Munster Go Home.jpg
Starring Fred Gwynne
Yvonne De Carlo
Directed By Earl Bellamy
Written By Joe Connelly
Bob Mosher
George Tibbles
Producers Joe Connelly
Bob Mosher
Irving Paley
Release Date June 15, 1966

Munster, Go Home is a 1966 Universal film based on the TV show The Munsters. Unlike the black and white Munsters TV show, Munster Go Home was in color. The movie was proposed after the show was cancelled in 1966.


Herman Munster inherited a fortune, properties, and the title 5th Earl of Shroudshire from his British uncle and travelled to England by ship to claim it.The movie begins with Herman returning from work at 1313 Mockingbird Lane in a hearse. He mistakes his wife, Lily Munster for a monster when he enters the house. She reads the will from Cavanaugh Munster stating that the Munsters have inherited an English manor known as Munster Hall in Shroudshire. Herman inherited the name Lord Munster. The family boards a ship to England. Herman gets seasick, Marilyn encounters Roger Moresby and Grandpa gets turned into a wolfupon accidentally consuming a wolf pill. Grandpa is sneaked through customs.

Cousin Grace and Cousin Freddie are furious that the American Munsters are getting the house, and that Herman will be Lord Munster instead of Freddie. Grace and Freddie, with the help of Lady Effigie try to get rid of the Munsters, so the estate can be theirs. Alfie and Joey pallbear Canvanaugh's corpse. The American Munster couple feels right at home when Herman's relatives try to scare them. Freddie disguises himself as a ghost, but screams and runs away when he encounters Herman. Grandpa sneak out of bed to find out the secret of Munster Hall. They find out a counterfeiting operation is at work in the basement.

Later in the movie, Herman enters a race, driving The Dragula. Grace and Freddie attempt to interfere with him winning the race, by setting up a plot to kill him. Herman wins the race with the help of Lily's brains. The British Munsters including their butler, Cruikshank are all exposed and apprehended by the authorities. Herman arrests Freddie and Grace by tossing tire wheels on them. Lady Effigie is sent to Shroudshire's police station with her butler by Lily and Eddie. Herman and his family donate the land and Munster Hall to the city. Roger and Marilyn get together and hope to see each other again. Herman and his family head for home after an exciting adventure in England.



Munster, Go Home! full theatrical trailer

Munster Go Home Theatrical Trailer