Munster Masquerade
Munster Masquerade 2'
Series The Munsters
Season Season One
Original Air-Date September 24,1964
Episode Chronology
Order in Series 1st in Series
Order in Season 1st in Season

Munster Masquerade is the first episode of The Munsters. It originally aired on September 24,1964.


Marilyn's boyfriend invites the Munster family to a masquerade party. Marilyn goes as Priscilla, Lily as Little Bo Peep, Grandpa as Napoleon and Herman as King Arthur in a suit of shining armor. A babysitter looks after Eddie and thinks that he is very strange. Herman wins the masquerade party contest for the best costume and when he lifts his armor off, they think that he is wearing two costumes. Lily, offended by this and everyone soon leaves.



Guest CastEdit


Lily Munster floats in mid-air while dancing,

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