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Spot is the pet dragon of Eddie Munster. Not much is known about him or where he comes from, but he is treated as if he was the family pet and is often chided in much the same way. He likes to lay around the house, but his regular spot is the lair under the front staircase in the Munster Mansion. Rarely anything of him is shown except his tail or head. He has been shown to have a large head and a long lizard-lizard like body. He tends to lie close to the floor or ground, likely lifting his body up when he moves. He has a voracious appetite, eating everything from cars, furniture and manhole covers. He is also sensitive, having once ran off and getting lost in the city sewer when Herman scolded him, but he is also very loving, once licking Herman in the face.


  • According to one story, Spot was created by Fred Gwynne and Al Lewis by material on the set, but the usual story is it was created from the head of the Tyrannosaurus from the film One Million B.C.., As yet, it is unrevealed if either version is accurate. Although Spot bears a resemblance to the head in the film, the nostrils don't match unless that part was altered for the series.
    • Going by a closer examination of the images of Spot from the series. it appears the Spot in the series had stalks in his nose area which fired the flames from him. While this doesn't identify the head as from One Million B.C., it is possiblr the comparison Spot photo is from the Munster House replica in Texas.
  • Spot was never seen whole in the series; he was only seen whole in the 2000 reboot, 1313 Mockingbird Lane.



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