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The Munsters are an American family who live at 1313 Mockingbird Lane in the Los Angeles suburb of Mockingbird Heights, originating from the region of Transylvania in the country of Romania (“the old country”), well known for its legends of vampires and werewolves. The main family members are Herman and Lily Munster, their son Eddie, their niece Marilyn Munster and Lily’s father, Count Dracula, best known as “Grandpa.”

Although they consider themselves a typical American family, the Munsters and their relatives resemble many of the classic movie monsters of film legend, namely Dracula, the Wolfman and the Frankenstein monster. This seems to be due to some sort of genetic quirk in the Dracula family tree line (which Herman is married into) that causes random members look like the classic movie monsters (vampires, werewolves, zombies, et al.) and inherit the physical traits of those creatures. For example: Grandpa is drawn to drinking blood, and Lester Dracula and Eddie have werewolf characteristics, such as howling at the moon. Other members include Gilbert, who has traits to live underwater, and Phantom, who has an excellent singing voice. Several family members have even lived over several lifetimes. However, this does seem to be a genetic trait that does seem to periodically jump random family members, such as Marilyn looks extremely normal but human standards.

The Dracula line originates from Transylvania and may have been the basis of later legends and stories from fiction, such as Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Although currently American, they still have a vested interest belief in the paranormal, often welcoming friendly ghosts and spirits into their home. They also still stick to the cuisine and customs of their country. Their meals include such dishes as chopped lizard livers, filet of dragon and cream of vulture soup. However, they still fit in turkey and dressing at Thanksgiving, and Herman enjoys flapjacks for breakfast.

The family is also relatively unsure of how much different they are to others. They are contrary to the fact that most people don't live with dust and cobwebs in darkened gloomy houses. They're completely unaware that their appearance makes others comfortable while entirely terrifying others. Several of Marilyn’s suitors have fled upon meeting Herman, who is apparently the most terrifying of the family to others. Few people are not perturbed by their appearances, such as Mr. Gateman, Clyde Thornton, and Dr. Dudley. People who try describing the Munsters to others are often perceived perceived as liars or maladjusted. Several individuals have confused Herman as a robot, an accident victim, a sea serpent, the missing link or a mummy. Grandpa has even been referred to as “a fat Jack the Ripper.” At one point, their likenesses even appeared as figures at the local wax museum horror exhibit.



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  • Chopped liver lizard livers
  • Cold rhinoceros tongue sandwiches
  • Fillet of dragon
  • Eggs (gloomy side up)
  • Cream of vulture soup
  • Curried lizard casserole
  • Rolled hyena foot roast
  • Bird’s nest soup
  • Warm lady fingers with pickled frog ears
  • Dodo bird roast
  • Cream of buzzard soup
  • Iguana soup
  • Salamander salad with centipede dressing
  • Salad with cactus juice dressing
  • Piping hot bat milk

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Munsters Family Tree

The official but incomplete Munster Family Tree

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Munsters family tree

Theoretical "complete" Munster Family Tree

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