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The Munsters Scary Little Christmas
Munsters christmas.jpg
Starring Sam McMurray
Ann Magnuson
Directed By Ian Emes
Written By Ed Ferrara
Kevin Murphy
Producers Leslie Belzberg
John Landis
Michael R. Joyce
Tony Winley
Release Date December 17, 1996


  • Sam McMurray as Herman Munster
  • Ann Magnuson as Lily Munster
  • Sandy Baron as Grandpa
  • Bug Hall as Eddie Munster
  • Elaine Hendrix as Marilyn Munster


The movie begins with a group of carolers going to carol at the Munster home. Herman answers the door and starts to dance and sing with them, but he scares them away. Eddie, is very homesick and dislikes the fact of not being able to spend Christmas in Transylvania. So Herman comes up with the idea to help make Eddie's Christmas unforgettable. Herman asks for a raise from Mr. Gateman and is denied. Herman takes on other jobs, such as donating blood and wrapping presents. Invitations are sent out to the Wolfman, Mummy, and the Gill-man. Grandpa also tries to make potions that will make it snow. However, the experiment goes wrong and he zaps Santa into the Munster home along with his elves. Lily enters a home decorating contest and becomes arch rivals with one of the other neighbors. Grandpa then accidentally turns Santa into a fruitcake. The family rushes to solve the problem and still have a great Christmas. In the end, everything is solved and the family comes over for a Munster Party.